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SYSTEM Approach

GREENSPEED has created a hospital tested and validated system approach to cleaning and disinfecting

The Greenspeed Infection Control System is proven to dramatically reduce or eliminate all HAI’s in healthcare environments.


Beyond CLEAN

Creating a truly healthy environment for your patients, families, & staff.

The Greenspeed Infection Control System is easily integrated into your facility’s current cleaning program and is designed to be easy to use.


A HEALTHY Environment

Dedicated Environmental Services teams rely on the GREENSPEED Infection Control System to help make their facilities cleaner and safer.

Let us help you empower your staff to provide a truly healthy environment for everyone.


PROTECT Your Bottom Line

Hospital-acquired infections are now the most significant cause for concern in hospitals across the United States.

With an estimated $31 billion spent in 2015 alone to treat them, HAI’s severely impact your facility’s operating budget as well.