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The electrification of transportation is well underway. To navigate the intersection of evolving technology that impact a successful EV charging installation, turn to Greenspeed to manage electrical infrastructure and operations. Our turnkey solutions take your project from design to installation, successfully handling power distribution upgrades and cost-effective preventive maintenance. We are also uniquely positioned to help clients design and implement custom, innovative EV solutions. Our team will design EV charging to best-fit your operations and can include solar PV and power storage options for even more energy independence and resiliency.

To learn more, email one of our EV Charging specialists at EeeVee@greenspeed.com.

We are with you on your journey to electrification… every step of the way.


Here’s How We Do It

Site Assessment & Advisory

Providing comprehensive solutions that are unique to your business.

  • Automotive
  • Multi-Family
  • Hospitality
  • Fleet
  • Public/Private

Turnkey Design & Engineering

  • Site assessment
  • EV Charger specification
  • Electrical system evaluation
  • Utility coordination
  • Load analysis and optimization
  • Electrical engineering drawings
  • Permit application


  • Permitting
  • Project Management & Supervision
  • Safety
  • Self-perform installation
  • Charger Validation and Activation

Hardware Specification & Network Solutions

We take an unbiased approach to specifying the right EV charger for the right application. You can rely on our deep experience to select the charger that meets your current and future needs. Greenspeed works with the world’s leading manufacturers of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) to make the right choice for your application.

Our networked chargers use one of the most advanced cloud-based operating platforms available today. EV OS is the electric vehicle charging network’s “central brain” that runs charging points at multiple locations and automates the entire operation of an EV charging network. It features automated diagnostics, alerts, and a self-recovery system, maximizing up-time to ensure your EV ecosystem is working at optimal operating conditions.

Maintenance & Service

After all your chargers are activated, our network of service technicians are here for the long term, bettering your EV experience along the way, providing:

  • Preventive and routine maintenance
  • On-call service and repair
  • Energy usage reporting
  • Sustainability metric targets


Greenspeed’s subscription-based EV charging solutions provides turnkey EV charging with minimal upfront capital costs. Throughout the term of the subscription, we own and operate the charging network, removing any hesitations or operational and financial constraints. We are here, every step of the way.

Advanced Power Management

EV OS software can efficiently manage energy loads right at the charging point. With the use of dynamic power management (DPM), our solutions monitor real-time demand to ensure EV loads do not exceed the facility’s capacity, all the while allowing vehicles to charge. Deploying a DPM solution allows you to increase the number of EV Charging ports at a specific site while eliminating or minimizing the requirement for expensive electrical infrastructure upgrades.

We also offer power-sharing solutions at the charging port level that also allows for more chargers on an existing electrical network. In some cases, demand response signals can be integrated with DPM to enable even further energy savings. Next up, vehicle to grid solutions. Sustainable charging at lower costs.

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